Develop Methodes

WeBorn provides a structured framework to our customers aimed at delivering a quality solution. Through getting hundreds of projects, we have gained enough knowledge over years of our service and refined our business process through the blend of strong industry practices such as Rational United Process and Agile Methodology. We strive to offer the highest quality for web-related projects applying maximum performance.

WeBorn development methodology is aimed to promote a result-driven interactive approach as well as guarantee a better customer service in terms of quality, cost, time effective and customer's strategic goals, without compromising on any of these factors.

The main foundations of our development methodology are:

  •   Planning
  •   Analysis
  •   Design
  •   Implementation
  •   Promotion
  •   Innovation

  • Programming:

    Here the process is to define the target audiences, objectives, purpose and the policies for the development and use of information. Planning is crucial on the development processes. To set the overall goals for the web selecting among the competing opportunities for communicating is carried out. Planning is as well carried out for domain information. The process includes defining and specifying the supporting information, which must be collected. Our web planners have the ability to foresee all the skills as required by the web specification and for constructing particular parts of the web. Our web planners anticipate others resources that are needed for supporting the web operation and development.
  • Analysis:

    This is a process where the information about the web and the operations are gathered and compared to improve the quality of the web in an overall aspect. Our web analyst experts will examine the relevance of the gathered information about the audiences. This process is an important operation for the web development. An ongoing process is analyzing the web's purpose taking into account other new developments. Our analyst gives weigh on alternative and gather information to come up with a positive decision in the processes relating to planning, design, implementation and development.
  • Design:

    In this process, our web designers make decisions about the ways to construct the web's actual components. The web's purpose, objective, audience and domain information is taken into account. Our web designers will achieve the effects needed for the specification in a more elegant, flexible and efficient manner. Effective web structures do have a positive impact on the audiences.
  • Implementation:

    We create an extendible directory as well as file structure. This process requires implementation using specific syntax for encoding the web structures in a formal language in computer files. The web is built using HTML. Our team has a thorough expertise in HTML and the awareness of how designs are implemented in HMTL. Templates are used for supporting consistent look and feel. Later check the implementation in various browsers.
  • Promotion:

    This process is carried out by using specific marketing strategies or by creating business models. Promotion is a process where the web is promoted through publicity, other information relationships with other webs or by forming business to target web or targeted audiences or potential users. By making use of various strategies and methods, the website is promoted with the ultimate aim of improving the visibility of the website. Based on the project requirements of the clients, the strategy or strategies of web promotion are carried out.
  • Innovation:

    In this process, the development processes are looked into so that it continues to move up in its performances. The technologies are constantly monitored for innovations to find new creative ways to improve the web elements and keep the audiences engaged with the success. We strive seeking for improved ways for continuous improvement in the usability as well as the quality of the web and exceed the expectations of the users. WeBorn continuously improves its development methodology to meet expectations of the customers through accelerated development schedules and high-quality outcomes.